Friday, April 1, 2011

Clippy The Robot

The Bonanza Boyz seem to have quite a sense of humor, as they have introduced Clippy the robot. Bonanza's blog post insists that this is a permanent change and that Clippy will be evolving and soon be able to answer basic questions and thus alleviate some work from support, allowing them to work on more pressing issues. The little robot currently rolls onto the screen and and offers advice such as "Mama always said -- Never feed the trolls." and "Power Buyer Tip: Even If you think you shouldn't buy something, you probably should.". But other that these little tidbits and the strange desire to star in Terminator 4 and take over the world, Clippy seems to be nothing more that a harmless April Fool's Day prank.
Many users don't seem to like Clippy all that much as they feel that the time and money it took to make Clippy could have been better spent on other more important things. Others still, say he is annoying and feel that Clippy may be what pushes them over the edge. While these users grumble about Clippy others insist that he must be an April Fool's day joke, and point out that on April 1, 2009 Bonanza did a similar joke involving Bizzy. Bizzy I am informed by some of the other members was a little gal that greeted people that visited your booth. For this reason and not to mention that no one from Bonanza has interceded on the discussion of Clippy, AND the fact that he was released today of all days, leads me to believe he is in fact only an April Fool's joke and should be enjoyed as such. But while many may not find the fondue making robot very funny, we should all remember that not everything needs to be taken seriously and we should all lighten up a little once in a while. Leave your comments and thoughts below and have a wonderful day.

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