Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back online and excited for the newsletter

Wow its been a long week! I'm back online after a huge garage sale and tons of running around. my new newsletter is due to go out on Monday that is August 1st. Originally I wanted it to be a July issue but since July was almost over by the time signups were done I decided to do a joint July/August issue. Anyone who didn't signup for this issue but would like to receive further issues (and for sellers have 2 items included) You can still message me and I will add you to the list. This newsletter has so far been such an exciting experience for me to meet new sellers and look at all the really cool stuff you can find on Bonanza. I'm so excited for the first issue to go out!! But first I have to go put the finishing touches on it. :) If anyone has any questions please let me know and as always leave any comments below.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Booth Category

For those of you that do not keep up to date on my booth, or my Facebook or Twitter updates, on June 11th I introduced a new booth category entitled "Gen's Recycles". This new category includes my handmade plarn purses and recycled bottle humming bird feeders. I'm updateing my widget to include some of those items so direct you attention to the side of the screen or just visit my booth for more info and to see my new items. More items are on their way for the new booth category so be on the look out. I would LOVE any comments or feedback on my new items so feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Have a Happy Father's Day everyone!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

WOW did I get behind or what

Didn't realize it had been so long since I had blogged. Well decided to post a quick one so you know I'm still here. I'll do a nice long post tomorrow and tell you peeps all about the new stuff in my booth. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whats New?

Good morning everyone, just a quick post today. I've added a new pair of baby booties to my booth which you can check out by going here. >> JustGenny now has a profile on Plumdrop, so if you already have an account there friend me. I'll be putting my booth on Vacation this weekend, because I'll be participating in a garage sale and I'm putting some of my items out to see if I can get some sales. So, that means Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday you will NOT be able to view any of my items. But if you already know an item that you really really want go ahead and message me and I'll put it aside for you. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still Working On Google Product Search

Since I discovered my items are not going to Google Product Search Several weeks ago, I've been in contact with one of the amazing Bonanza peeps and they are helping me figure out a solution. Its slow work I'm afraid but I like to stay optimistic, and hope that once this problem is fixed that it will bring a couple of sales my way. That being said I'd like to congratulate my fellow seller Breezers for making three sales in one day yesterday, she said that since she had her items fixed to go to Google she has had several sales.
On another note if you haven't checked out InboxDollars, you really should. You should see a box to your right that will take you to it. You earn money for reading e-mails, watching videos, completing tasks, and taking surveys, and once you've earned at least $30 you can request for them to send you a check, you even get $5 just for signing up. Its a really great site I just joined twelve days ago and I've already earned $16.00. (if you do decide to join please do it through my link because I get a referral bonus :P) As always leave any comments below and have a wonderful day.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grinning ear to ear

I received a message earlier today from somebody on Bonanza that had contacted me a couple of day earlier about a product that I am selling. After answering their questions I suggested that if they didn't buy my service then they should use another person on Bonanza. After receiving my suggestion they sent me a message thanking me for my customer service even though they didn't buy my item and hoping my values would bring me many happy sales. Its things like this that absolutely make my day. :)

New Goals

I've decided I need to step it up on advertising and promoting, as well as the all important item making. Below are my following goals,
  • Figure out new popular demand style
  • Twitter follows to 250
  • Blog followers to 100
  • Facebook likes to 100
  • get my item count to 150
  • promote, promote, promote
Be on the lookout for upcoming special offers and new items, and as always leave questions thoughts and comments below.