Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bonanza gets a Makeover

I logged on Bonanza today and HOLY COW!! Changes galore. To accompany the launch of the new Collections feature (AKA HPL 2.0) Bonanza decided to update a couple other things as well. Some are cosmetic like the banner at the top of the screen which now sports a deep green color and smaller text. Other changes are much more dramatic, like the new feature that shows similar items from other sellers at the bottom of your item screen. While some sellers bemoan these changes and threaten to leave the site I personally feel that these changes might do sellers some good. Why? because while someone else' items are advertised on your page, your items are advertised on someone else' page. This is a great way to connect sellers and drive the flow of buyers to sellers that don't get many sales. The same is true for collections, its a great way for buyers to find not only what they are looking for but "what they might not know they are looking for" as well. An example of this can be seen in my HPL (handpicked list) I made about a week ago call "Baby's Breath". It was a list of baby items designed to encourage the buying of not only that stroller they were looking for, but also maybe a pair of baby booties they happened to see as well. Bonanza has since made this particular HPL a collection, which I am thrilled about.
As I continue to peruse the new changes on Bonanza throughout the day I must say that the only thing I do not like about the changes is the loss of tags. That's right you can no longer tag an item as "well priced" or "beautiful" etc. It always made my day when I went to my booth and found that someone had tagged my item and I am saddened that this is no longer available. However I must remain optimistic that these changes will do us good even if we do take a loss from losing one of our favorite features. Your comments and takes on the change to Bonanza are welcome, and as always don't forget to check out my booth. I'll be doing some item tweaking throughout the day.

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